About Us

The XOA Partner Portal is designed to provide Samsung Solutions Partners with the latest resources to create a successful Solutions business. We are committed to working with Resellers and Developers to build a solutions business. The pillars of our Solutions strategy go right to the heart of addressing customer needs. With you our Partners, we focus on four key areas:

Document Distribution

Document distribution solutions assist in the integration, archiving, organisation, management and retrieval of knowledge contained in hard-copy documents. You can effectively streamline your document-related processes through our versatile Solutions portfolio. This dramatically improves office efficiency by capturing hard-copy documents and organizing them digitally to ensure secure delivery to the next stage of the business process. Alternatively, they can be placed into convenient archive storage from where they can be easily retrieved whenever necessary.

Device Management

Today's office printing environment is comprised of a complex network of devices for printing, scanning, copying and faxing. For your IT staff to focus on value-added service delivery, it is vital that they have simple administration tools with which to manage this intricate printing infrastructure.

Print Management

Our Job Accounting solution areas designed to provide your administrators with in-depth information on the printing, scanning, copying and faxing jobs being performed by any user on any device. This enables your business to set up individual and group accounts for printing, ensuring that user, device and output activity are monitored and reported on for any given time period. From various Internet connections, IT administrators can manage and control output.

Output Management

Using a networked device for printing can compromise security, allowing such breaches as unauthorised access, retained information on devices, and network penetration. We help address these threats with security enhanced products that are 'Common Criteria' (CC) certified. CC is the highest security certification for IT services and has been adopted by several government and military organisations as a benchmark security standard. Our CC roadmap and our attitude to security in general are based on developing smarter devices every day to meet your security needs. Our aim is to ensure that all our future devices.

At Samsung, our aim is to give you the confidence to go about your business successfully. While printing remains a key investment for any organisation, we take a holistic approach when it comes to making sure that you feel fully supported by our products and services.